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Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous and popular kinds of cuisine in the world. Chinese cuisine is one of the most widely consumed cuisines all over the world. Chinese cuisines have become the pride of every city in China. Chinese cuisine has become a part of the heritage of many Chinese people who emigrated to different countries. Chinese cuisine has gradually gained popularity among people of many countries. To find more Chinese cuisine, click now!

Chinese cuisine is an essential part of Chinese civilization, which comprises cuisines originated in the various regions of China, and also from Overseas Chinese who have migrated to other parts of this world. The fame of Chinese cuisine has been enhanced by the development of Chinese restaurants in different parts of the globe. Chinese people were very good cooks and these days they have used their extensive knowledge of Chinese ingredients to develop the famous dishes that we know today. Chinese cuisine has a long history, which can be traced back to more than 5000 years. The early Chinese people only used simple ingredients to prepare food. However, with time the use of more modern methods and ingredients was introduced, and Chinese cuisine began to develop.

The basic ingredient used in Chinese cuisine is rice. Rice is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Chinese cooking. Chinese dishes always have a large number of rice dishes. Chinese people are fond of rice, and so the Chinese government also encourages the growing of rice. In fact, there is now a field of Chinese culinary study and experiment, called the "rice experimentation" in China.

The first type of rice used in Chinese cuisine is the millet. Millet is native to northern China, where it flourishes in the late summer. It is not hard to find millet in Chinese grocery stores. Other common types of rice used in Chinese cuisine include wheat and barley. There is also Soba rice, which is a very salty rice variety that is very popular in north China.

Unlike western cuisine, Chinese cuisine does not use any sauces to enrich its taste. On the contrary, Chinese cuisine uses such foods as sauces (for fish and seafood), vegetables (for meats and stir fry) and spice(s). The taste of a dish depends on the spices used. Usually the main components of Chinese cuisine are fish, meats and vegetables. Although Chinese people are known for their love for vinegar and chili peppers, they also eat fruits, especially melon.

Chinese people also love their fruits, especially melons, grapes and apples. Unlike westerners, China people do not prefer hard- boiled vegetables (although there are some types of vegetable which are well liked by them), rather they prefer steamed vegetables. They even use chopsticks to eat their foods. They also serve their foods with hot tea (called "hong cha") and ice-cream. This makes Chinese cuisine very different from most types of cuisine, because in Chinese culture, tea and ice-cream never go together! Read more here!

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